Natural Inspirations Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter 2oz.

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Ultra-Moisturizing Body Butter  The ultimate in luxury … deeply pamper & moisturize with nature’s most sumptuous ingredients while delicious, fresh fragrances leave your body scented all over.

Grapefruit Bergamot  An uplifting medley of intoxicating citruses with sweet bergamot, juicy orange, fresh lemon & crisp, ruby red grapefruit. A clean, classic essence that is positively addicting!

Lavender Ylang    Provence-inspired lavender mingles with the delicate layers of lemon blossom & the sweetly seductive scent of sensual ylang. A soft, comforting fragrance that relaxes your mind & soothes your spirit.

Sea Salt Citrus    Discover the sparkling pure scent of citrus aloft sea breezes of marine & jasmine. Sandalwood & amber bring an earthy warmth like sand between your toes. A fragrance that is joyful & fresh, like the sunshine on your face.

2 oz Body Butter